A former District Attorney on your case, on your side.

For over 30 years, Attorney David A. Danz has defended and represented individuals throughout the stressful process of legal matters including criminal cases and family law and debt relief. Serving Walworth County and Southeast Wisconsin, Attorney Danz provides expert advice and comprehensive legal representation, as well as personalized attention to your individual case. You’ll always feel informed and reassured when Attorney David A. Danz in on your side.

Experience: As a former District Attorney for Walworth County, Attorney Danz has unique experience and insight into the local legal system and advanced understanding of how best to defend your case, achieving the results you deserve. By focusing on the areas of criminal defense, family law, personal injury and debt relief, we are able to offer detailed knowledge and better represent your individual case in these matters.

Defense Practice: In our criminal defense practice, we provide aggressive representation when you’re facing charges of felonies or misdemeanors in Wisconsin state courts. If you have been accused of a crime or have been charged, protect yourself by talking to an experienced criminal defense attorney. Even when the evidence seems strong, a skilled attorney can ensure that your constitutional rights are protected.

Tensions and emotions run high when facing a courtroom to resolve family law issues. Danz Law Office offers knowledgeable, empathetic and complete family law representation. Whether you are filing for divorce, modifying child support, or suffering from parental alienation, we can help.

Bankruptcy/Debt Help: Through it’s Financial Services Company, Debt Help Law works with clients to discuss the multiple options you have to become debt free including bankruptcy and non bankruptcy debt relief solutions. We have helped residents of Wisconsin eliminate their debt for years and have helped them get a fresh start to a secure, debt free financial future.

If you are facing a lawsuit or foreclosure, protect yourself and know your legal rights by talking to an experienced attorney. Even when the situation seems helpless, a skilled attorney can ensure that your legal rights are protected.

When you’re facing stressful court proceedings, call on Attorney David A. Danz.

Danz Law Office will be on your case and on your side, providing experienced and aggressive legal representation when you need it most.